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Carver Alan Ames - Modern Mystic

We have quite an amazing individual in our midst.

In 1993, Carver Alan Ames (known commonly as Alan Ames) had a conversion experience that would rival that of some of our greatest saints. The Vatican has not made a pronouncement on his authenticity. However, his bishop, Archbishop B.J.Hickey, has given him permission to speak and to pray for healing. The Archbishop also appointed a spiritual director to investigate and watch over what was happening and to guide him in his work for God. Today, Alan enjoys the continued support of Archbishop Hickey who encourages him in his work.

In 2007, Alan was interviewed in great depth by famed mariologist René Laurentin. Click here for that interview.

Laurentin describes Alan's startling conversion:

Alan Ames, 54 years old, violent during his youth. He gets married very young to Kathryn at the age of 20 and have 2 children. He quietens down his life. He migrates to Australia where he becomes a talented sales manager. There he becomes more and more addicted to alcohol and drugs. This restarts his violence.
At the age of 40 an angel warns him: "Change your life, pray".
During the first months of his conversion he is physically and morally attacked by the evil one. At the beginning he asks himself if he is going mad but St. Theresa of Avila confirms to him what is happening and says: You are going to hell unless you change! He changes his life, his wife converts to Catholicism.
He receives messages from ... the Trinity, Our Blessed Mother and the saints. He published 16 books. He is supported by his archbishop from Perth. He travels all around the world where his conferences gather big audiences. He has the charism of conversion and healing. He lives painfully the Passion of our Lord, more often without visible stigmata but blood is shed rarely.
During the interview, startling details of his many and regular encounters with up to 100 saints came to light.

Here are some excerpts from that interview, any emphases mine:

Laurentin. You live in great union with God, but there are moments or lights where you feel the presence, have you also moments of night where you feel nothing?
Ames. No.
Laurentin. You are always in the transparence?!
Ames. From the first time I received the Eucharist never have I not experienced the presence of God. Never, every day since 1993/94, every day, all day.
Laurentin. Because this happens frequently, the night can be very profound. Don’t you suffer from ordeals and temptations of evil. In these moments what do you feel, don’t you feel that God is far away when you are attacked by the evil one?
Ames. When these attacks occur, I see them as a blessing because when they happen I turn to God, I ask for his help and give myself totally to Him and trust completely in Him. The evil one is stupid because every time he attacks me it turns more to God. There have been several times when I thought I would die. Once I was in Rome, I was in convent near St. Peter's. I thought I would be safe there, I was asleep and I was woken up in the middle of the night being strangled. I thought I was going to die, my back was arching, I could feel the veins in my neck were about to burst, I thought I would take my last breath: I am going to die, so I said: - Jesus if this is Your will, I accept it and I give You my soul. From the moment I said that, the attack stopped. And it’s always the same. So it’s why I say that the attacks turn me more to God even though at the beginning sometimes I am terrified because some of them are horrible, always it turns me to God and it’s a great blessing.
I will write more about Alan Ames and his many profound messages in upcoming posts.


  1. Alan is really a close friend of God and thanks to his visits, conferences and healing prayers, people feel closer of God, want to pray more, sometimes get better physically but most important of all, go to confession and know what is essential in our lives. Meet him and you'll be a different person.

  2. AA is just another GOB SHITE how dare he defend an outfit as warped and corrupt as the RCC

    see for the very latest carry on of RCC Priests.

    Priests investing LARGE SUMS OF MONEY in GAY SAUNAS and SWINGERS CLUBS in Ireland

    Fr T Crilly

  3. Alan Ames is just another GOB SHITE how dare he defend an outfit as warped and corrupt as the RCC How dare he hijack the national newspaper of Ireland. Alan your kind are no longer relevant in a modern Ireland. Enda will put ye lot in ye're place


    For the very latest carry on of RCC Priests.

    Priests investing LARGE SUMS OF MONEY in GAY SAUNAS and SWINGERS CLUBS in Ireland

    Fr T Crilly
    the truth will set you free - may the Gods be with you!!

  4. My friend in Sydney talked of AA to me but unfortunately as much as I wanted to come to his one day visit in Melbourne, I couldn't due to the heavy traffic. I am reading his interview and from this interview, I am quite convinced that AA is a chosen one. I am not a Catholic nor belong to any denominator because my aim is to look for God and not belong to any religion. I hope one of these days, I will confirm if AA's statement is true of false. But for the moment, I can say that I am quite confidant that he is a chosen one, a mystic, a visionary, a prophet. God bless him. God needs to save human souls through the chosen ones around the world in this End Times...

  5. Many of Alan Ames messages are rife full of errors and even heresy. It is very sad
    that so many are being duped by this man. Read St. John of the Cross regarding private revelations.
    Just don't take someone's word for it. Study the Truths of our Catholic Faith and you will find
    many contradictions between it and AA revelations. Do the homework. I'd be happy to list them.

    1. then the theologians, priests and Bishop's who have reviewed his work must all be wrong and you right I suppose?

    2. he has the imprimatur from an Archbishop and Bishop in his books

    3. I am very saddened to read people attacking Alan. I went to one of the services that he ministered in Sydney. Whilst I don't know him personally, it is obvious to me that he has a very strong relationship with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. God used Alan to touch a two people that I really care about and God reached down and improved their health - and it wasn't psychologcial. One of these people was a young child and the Holy Spirit worked through Alan in both instances and made a huge difference in this child.

      Here is a man who is a modern day apostle of God. Be grateful that he has accepted God's call on his life and is making a positive difference to others by his service to God. Don't limit God, he uses all sorts of people and looks on their heart. Please ask yourself before your criticise anyone the question "What am I doing for God" before you throw stones. I am not a catholic and I acknowledge that God is using Alan. If God is using Alan who am I to judge him.

    4. Alan Ames is a man of God. He cannot be a fake because he has no agenda but to promote the love of Jesus, promote the sacraments, especially confession and the Eucharist, use the gifts of the holy spirit to heal thousands of people in Jesus name and promote conversion through his own story of conversion!
      He funds his own appearances across the world and suffers daily. From physical pain and attacks from Satan! He does not promote any message apart from the mercy and love of God so what could he possibly gain from not being authentic! In his conversations with saints they never praise Alan for being the chosen one but point out that he was selected to show God's mercy to even hardened sinners, meaning himself. Quite a humble guy really...

  6. Please do list them, I'd be interested as I have met Alan and have been impressed that his testimony is always the same: focusing on how one should pray, have frequent recourse to the sacrament of confession and with honesty and true remorse, and the power of the Mass and the Blessed Sacrament. They seem to point people to the Church rather than flights of fancy or dire predictions that abound with other self-proclaimed 'visionaries'.

    However, if there are errors and heresy in his message it is important to know. Can you give us some examples? Thanks kindly, B

  7. Be cautious: the majority of alleged apparitions are false. This is the teaching of St. Paul of the Cross and others. Anyone declaring themself a mystic is- according to all genuine saints and mystics- a fraud. Sr. Magdalena de la Cruz, for example, was endowed with several false mystical 'gifts', such as levitation. What she authentic? No. Her 'signs and wonders' were produced by the evil one. The Anti-Christ will also work false miracles. Humility is the mark of an authentic mystic.

    It is much better to study Church teaching and the revelations of the Saints. Many are led astray by false private revelations. The following revelations will do people a world of good: those of Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich, St. Faustina, St. Mechtilde, St. Gertrude, Sr. Josefa Menendez etc.

    I do not pass judgement on Mr Ames. Rather, I avoid all unapproved private revelations. The support of a Bishop does not constitute Church approval. There are many liberal Bishops today.

    1. Alan never declared himself a mystic. The title is mine.

      Secondly, while I also agree we should be prudent, we should also not be silly and overzealous in the opposite direction as conspiracy theorists are wont to do. Christ gave the quite simple formula of judging something by its fruits. Some people overdo it, and overthink it, and end up spreading false cautions and holding up false red flags which deter others from what could be genuine. This is arguably worse than believing a false apparition because you can literally snatch God's harvest from his hands by spreading fear and doom to everyone about a revelation you know little about, and is something we are warned about in the Gospel when we read of the wisdom of Gamaliel.

      I don't think it's better to necessarily focus on the messages and revelations of the existing saints and ignore what is happening today. If God is truly speaking through someone today, how arrogant of us to say "See here God, what you're saying is irrelevant because I already have the writings of the saints of old". That would be stupidity in the extreme. Yet many people continue to say "We don't need apparitions and private revelations. We already have all we need".

  8. mr. ames has the support of many Bishop's not just one and he publishes nothing without it being first checked by church appointed spiritual director. Also he has been writing and speaking for 20 years if there was anything wrong it surely would have been exposed by now.


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