Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Fruits of Luther

Matthew 7:16 "By their fruit you will know them".

Isn't life funny. Medjugorje has done more for the Catholic Church than all the other major approved apparitions put together. Unprecedented numbers of healings, conversions, religious vocations, people repenting and turning back to God have come from a tiny village in Bosnia since alleged apparitions began in 1981. Cardinal Shonborn from Vienna once told Cardinal Ratzinger (now Pope Benedict XVI) that if the Vatican were to shut down Medjugorje, it would have to shut down his seminary too, because most of his new seminarians received their call through Medjugorje. While conspiracy theorists and gossip-mongers have tried to highlight some of the bad fruits, such as some Franciscan disobedience and other human error, the good fruits stand out like an Everest. Yet, to this day, Medjugore has still not been officially sanctioned by the Church. I, for one, live in eternal hope that this will change soon.

Shifting our gaze from such a glorious scene to the general Christian landscape, our senses are suddenly assaulted. Not merely our senses, but the depths of our very souls. For what we see are over 33,000 flavours of non-Catholic Christian churches, increasing unchecked, despite Christ's fervent prayer that there be ONE flock and ONE shepherd.

Instead of fighting as one against the enemy, debates and arguments rage endlessly between Christians of different denominations - reminiscent of the "brother against brother" warnings of the Bible.

Anti-semitism raised its ugly head and pervaded the fabric of life right up until its summit of expression in Hitler's exterminations during World War II.

Our Blessed Mother Mary is being insolently deposed to the status of a mere wench-in-waiting while Christ Himself watches on sadly.

Abortions are mainstream - hundreds of thousands of innocents murdered daily.

Divorce has reaked havoc on the fabric of family life.

What are we talking about here - nothing less than the fruits of Luther. Isn't life funny. 33,000 Churches say Luther was onto a good thing. People obviously just don't care what Christ wants. Thanks Martin Luther, you king of idiots!

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