Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More Sun Miracles at Medjugorje


Medjugorje's famous miracle of the sun put on a new display during the August 2, 2009 apparition of Medjutorje seer Mirjana Dragicevic.

Mirjana gave evidence after the apparition that every time Our Lady mentioned the name of her son Jesus, the sun behind her became very bright. The meaning attributed to this was that Christ's love envelops us all like the sun.

And while Mirjana was herself in ecstasy, many pilgrims around her witnessed the sun performing, as in the following testimonies:

Max from Slovenia-

“I have been here to Medjugorje about forty times but I have never seen such a miracle as I saw at Mirjana’s apparition. After Mirjana’s apparition I looked up at the sun and it became like a ball and was spinning, very fast. People could look at the sun without any sun glasses, or protection over their eyes. And there were many circular waves around the sun like ripples from a stone thrown into the water, which were changing colors from blue to grey. I saw that for about a minute, but some people for much longer. This experience probably was different for each person, I think. After the finishing of this miracle I looked at the cross on Cross Mountain and around it there was like clouds rising up and they were green and yellow and they looked like columns and then some of the people began to cry, many were praying. It was very beautiful. Inside me was a very strong and powerful feeling of God’s love and peace. It was a great experience for my heart and for our fight.”
Malgorzata Milowicka from Austria-

“Today during Mirjana’s apparition I saw in the sky, stars around the sun and then I saw bright colors and they began to flash red and then green and blue and purple and yellow and orange, coming and going, coming and going. And all around bright rays of light would shine out from the sun from different parts of the sun. I don’t know how long I saw this for if it was seconds, minutes, I don’t know but it seemed for a long, long time. And then it’s coming peace, peace. My mother saw similar colors in the sun but for a shorter time. But all the people around us had seen the sun dance, or a cross in the sun, or something similar to this, it was a miracle.”

Thousands of others could give their testimonies, as
another young man told us that he clearly saw a cross in front of the sun and
another woman saw the Host over the sun.

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