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Mankind's Choice

As promised in my introduction on Alan Ames, here is the first of Alan's writings I will be publishing with Alan's permission. This message, entitled "Mankind's Choice", is published in his 1995 book "Messages to Carver Alan Ames" - A compendium of messages Alan has received from God the Father, Jesus Our Lord, The Holy Spirit and Our Blessed Mother Mary.

These writings are truly inspirational, providing insights and answers to many of today's most poignant questions, including sin, abortion, substance abuse, evolution, the Church and more. Through Alan, the rest of the worlds can hear Heaven's views on these subjects!

Alan's website is the place to begin to learn more about this amazing man, his story and his calling. There are also a number of videos of Alan Ames on YouTube.

Alan has an active ministry schedule (he accepts no fees for speaking) and his itinerary is on his website. During these meetings, Alan speaks about his experiences and his special calling, followed by a prayer and healing session where people are invited to come forward to receive prayer and laying on of hands. Many have been healed and their testimonies (a long and growing list!) can also be viewed on Alan's website.

Alan is in full communion with the Catholic Church and has the support of his local bishop, Archbishop B.J.Hickey, who has given him permission to speak and to pray for healing.

Mankind's Choice

God the Father, 2nd April 1995:

"It seems then that mankind is lost in sin, for most either sin, live in sin, accept sin or ignore sin. Most no longer see sin as sin but just see it as part of life or part of man's search for his destiny. Sin becomes a partner to many in life and becomes a chain to many in death.

Sin has grasped the world in its hands and the world in its weakness and blindness welcomes it. Mankind closes its hearts to love and goodness and opens its hearts to sin and suffering.

Over centuries, sin grows and grows, it never really changes. It is the same sin now as in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah; it is the same sin now as in the day of Moses; it is the same sin just under different names with different reasons for accepting it.

Sin is in the very air you breath, the food you eat, the drugs you abuse yourselves with, the so-called love you have in immoral relationship; the contraception and abortion you use to gain a better life on earth, the wars mankind has either in so-called justice or in hate; the killing of the young and the old, the killing of the disabled or infirmed, the killing of those who want what you have; the changing of creation to suit mankind's needs, the altering of God's design for the world, the denial of God and the rejection of God's commandments.

The world swims in sin, the world opens its arms and embraces the evil one and his servants. The world has been warned over and over again, it has been shown the results of sin with all the wars, famines, plagues and disasters that occur and yet still it embraces and welcomes sin. Many in the world become Satan's slaves knowingly or unknowingly.

The Lord your God now asks mankind to reassess how it lives, how it exists. Reassess what it accepts and what it denies, what it adopts as its laws and what it enforces upon itself. Mankind needs to think long and hard about what it invites upon itself and what it will do when payment is demanded.

Your God asks you to look to His Son, Jesus, look to your Saviour, your Redeemer and ask for His mercy.

Those who live in sin, live immorally, commit immoral acts, break God's commandments, spurn God, deny God and destroy themselves must take a moment and look at their lives; take a moment and look at their sins and take a moment and look at their future, then decide if they wish to live life eternal in joy and love or pain and suffering.

Those who make the right choice and turn to Jesus for His forgiveness will find it waiting for them. Jesus longs to help all of God's children, His children. Jesus longs to help, just ask Him, just ask Him.

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