Monday, January 9, 2012

Key Website for Medjugorje Apologetics

Here is the best website I've found for Medjugorje apologetics.

Ever since the early days when the communist government sowed its seeds of antagonism against the apparitions, the now vast ugly thorrn patch of confusion has gone viral with many websites and aggressors parroting the same lies to millions of eyes and ears already plumped up on a diet of  conspiracy theory for the past few decades.

For a good number of years I've been answering these critics here and on, but it seems a new one is born every minute and its tempting to simply give up.

In answering these critics, with a view to letting God's harvest continue without unofficial interruption, I have often been rude and antagonist. Medjugorje Apologia has none of that, patiently, thoroughly and objectively putting to bed all of the common objections, backed up with documentation and references wherever possible.

So, next time you meet one of these people, point them to Medjugorje Apologia!

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