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Sufferings and the Imitation of Christ

An excerpt from a literal text of the revelations made by the demons Akabor, Allida, Judas Iscariot, Veroba and Beelzebub, during a series of exorcisms (from August 14,1975 to March 30,1976)

Imprimatur: + Archbishop Stanley Monaghan. Necedah, Wisconsin , January 4, 2003 A.D.
Nihil obstat: Rev. Mr. John R. Walsh, B.A. St. John's Seminary; Boston, Massachusetts USA

August 14, 1975

E= Exorcist
A= Akabor, a fallen angel, from The Choir of Thrones

E: Continue to tell the truth, in the name…! Say what the Blessed Virgin commands you!

A: ...above all, the world of today, even the Catholic world, has completely lost sight of the truth that suffering for others is necessary. The fact that you are all part of the Mystical Body of Christ, and that you must all suffer for each other, has been completely forgotten (he whimpers wretchedly like a dog). Christ did not accomplish everything on the cross. He certainly opened Heaven up, but men must make reparation for each other. The sects say that Christ has done everything, but this is not true. The Passion of Christ goes on: In His Name, it will go on until the end of the world (he groans).


E: Continue, in the name of the Blessed Virgin, to say what she commands you to say!

A: It (the Passion of Christ) has to go on. People must suffer for each other, and offer up these sufferings in the name of the Cross of Christ and the sufferings of Christ. You must suffer in union with the Blessed Virgin and all the renunciations she endured during her life in order to unite her own sufferings with the terrible sufferings of Christ on the Cross and in His Agony in the Garden of Olives.

These sufferings were more terrible than men believe. In the Garden of Olives, Christ suffered in ways other than those that you perhaps know about. He was crushed by the Justice of God as if He had been the greatest of sinners, and as if He were going to have to go to Hell. He had to undergo this suffering for you men. Otherwise, you would not have been saved. He had to endure such terrible sufferings, that He was almost on the point of believing that He would go to Hell.

His sufferings were so great that He felt Himself totally abandoned by the Heavenly Father. He sweated blood because He felt Himself totally separated from the Eternal Father and abandoned Him (he weeps piteously). He was crushed as if He were one of the greatest sinners.

This is what He has done for you, and you must follow Him; these sufferings are worth so much; these sufferings, darknesses, these terrible feelings of abandonment when it seems that all is lost and suicide is the only way out... I would rather not say it, no (he sighs heavily).

E: Continue to tell the truth in the name of the Thrones...!

A: God's response is the greatest, and rightly so. When these sufferings make it seem as if all is lost; one feels completely abandoned by God, the least among men and the lowest of creatures. These terrible, terrible sufferings in darkness are the most precious there can he. But the young do not know that. Most of the young do not know that, and therein lies our triumph.


E: Continue to tell the truth, in the name...!

A: Many, the majority who commit suicide, do so when they feel abandoned by God and the least of men. They no longer feel that, however dark the night. God is always near them. It is as if God no longer existed, and, momentarily, His presence is no longer felt by them. But, in spite of this, it is necessary for men to imitate the sufferings of Christ; especially those whom He has called to suffer much.

There are many who believe that they are perhaps no longer normal - but the majority are - so they give in. They give in much too easily; they believe they should kill themselves because they are no longer understood by men. Therein lies our triumph. Most of them go to Heaven, but it is our triumph nevertheless because...

E: Continue, in the name...!

A: ...they have not fulfilled their mission. They should have gone on living.

E: Continue, in the name the message from the Thrones!

A. There are today, somewhere in the world, some extremely heavy crosses - it is She who makes me say that (he points upward). These crosses are often mounted on illness. Visible crosses, like cancer, infirmities, or other handicaps, are often easier to bear than the terrible anguish or darkness of the soul which many people are enduring today. She up there (he points upward) makes me say what She has said before through a privileged soul: "I will send my children sufferings, sufferings as great and as deep as the ocean". Those people who have to bear these terrible crosses and many are predestined to do so - must not despair.

E: In the name of the Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit - Akabor, say what the Blessed Virgin charges you to say!

A: By the way, the crosses of which I have just spoken are crosses which seem to be useless and pointless. They can lead on to despair. Often they become almost insupportable, but that is when they are most precious. I, Akabor, I am forced to say once again: She (he points upward) wants me to shout it to all the cross-bearers: "Courage! Do not be disheartened!" In the Cross lies salvation, victory is in the Cross. The Cross is stronger than the battle.

If you suffer in any way, don't despair. It may not feel that God is close to you, but He most certainly is. Say this:
"Lord God, I offer these sufferings to you in the name of the Cross and the sufferings of Christ and in union with the Blessed Virgin Mary"

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