Friday, November 11, 2011

A Meeting With Bishop Peric

Many people who have been following Medjugorje, even those who have been reading and believing the negative press, will likely have wondered silently about the Bishop of Mostar as regards his attitude towards the Medjugorje phenomenon and the visionaries and Franciscans involved.

First, one must never judge or criticise God's specifically chosen and anointing clergy, but only pray. I only wish to include this information as a measure of balance in the current climate where so much criticism, slander, innuendo and half-truth have been directed towards the visionaries and Franciscans.

Denis Nolan of Mary Tv was granted authority by a senior Irish official, Major-General Liam Prendergast, to publish a sworn statement about the content of a meeting he and Fr. John Chisholm had with Bishop Ratko Peric, Bishop of Mostar-Duvno.

Apparently, this is not such big news to the Vatican as a high-ranking Cardinal in the Curia is reported to have said "Everything you have just told me is already known in Rome!"

Again, let us only pray and reserve our judgement. We have no clue what types of pressure the Bishop has been under or anything much of the background to this information. For Catholics, this should serve as a reminder and call to prayer for our beloved shepherds.

Read the testimony here.

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