Friday, November 11, 2011

A New One Born Every Minute, it Seems

Whew, something I almost feel out of breath keeping up with all the latest clueless bloggers with the wrong end of the stick with respect to Medjugorje. Here's another one that caused me to sigh deeply over my keyboard.

Areas of failure for this blogger, Scott P. Richert:

  1. Does not appear to understand the due process of Vatican investigations of this nature and, a la E Michael Jones, Donal Foley and all the other naysayers before him, attempts to cast the decisions of two successive official investigations in a negative light and without apparently knowing anything about the surrounding circumstances of those decisions, what actually led to them, under what circumstances those types of pronouncements are given and the full extent of their meaning.
  2. Tries to make us believe that Bishop of Mostar = Vatican and, just like all the aforementioned naysayers, intimates that we should first and foremost follow the local bishop.
  3. Takes no account of very obvious and widespread Roman gestures of acceptance of and faith in the Medjugorje phenomenon.
  4. Shows little ability to read between the lines, e.g. probably dares not ask himself why Pope Benedict wants to establish a new parish of Medjugorje, separate and distinct from the parish of Mostar-Duvno which comes under the auspices of Bishop Peric. He probably would not like to broach in too head-on a fashion the reality that the judgement of Pavao Zanic after the initial investigation (constat de non-supernaturalitate or "proven to be false") was rejected by the Vatican, which subsequently placed the matter in the hands of the Yugoslav Bishops Conference, which simply stated in 1991 that we would need to wait before a final judgement could be pronounced on Medjugorje (non-constat de supernaturaltitate). Waiting is what we do best when it comes to the Vatican pronouncing the validity of much of anything. How long did we wait for Fatima or any of the other major apparitions? We can expect a similar wait in the case of Medjugorje.
Gosh, there's so much more I want to write on this subject. But, guys like this just have to do their own research and get the full picture all by themselves. You just can't tell them directly.

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